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Established with a vision built on core principles that are the fabric of any successful business, Fullhouse Technologies continues in establishing trust, building relationships, comprehending client's needs, utilizing good business practices, and delivering quality services to our public, private, and government clients.

It is our mission to deliver customized quality solutions that will address the needs and concerns of our clients, and provide them with solutions that will fulfill business goals that are efficient, measurable, and cost controlled. learn more...

Our Partners


Infrastructure & Service Management

We offer services tailored to suit your business: regardless of size, industry and location. Our vetted consultants deliver professional pre implementation scoping, health-check assessments, implementation services, and training enabling our clients to realize and maximize the value of their investments. learn more...

Blue Roof Data Management

The success of every mission is dependent on its data. Data supports every process of a mission from EDI processes that interface with FEMA, satellite imagery, database management, supply chain management, inventory management, invoicing, and HR management. Our solution helps you to stay on top of your data and not be crushed by the volume of it. learn more...

Procurement Services

We have partnered with some of the best vendors to provide our clients competitive pricing on to laptops, workstations, servers, peripherals, software, and electronics. Shop with us for deep discounted pricing and same days shipping. learn more...

Client Reviews

I am a Technical Recruiter in Omaha, NE and our firm engaged the services of Fullhouse Technologies to fill a critical role with one of our clients here locally. I was impressed with the work that Fullhouse performed and how they ensured the success of this project. Their expertise with CA UIM (formerly Nimsoft) proved extremely valuable and our client extended the project work multiple times, in order to take deeper advantage of what Fullhouse could bring to their organization, thereby increasing our revenue stream as well. I would recommend Fullhouse, and if given opportunities, will engage their services again.
John Bukowski, Technical Recruiter, CRi