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Our professional service team delivers convenient deployment and rapid results. With our proficiency and expertise, implementation schedules can be expedited and solutions fine-tuned.

We are thoroughly experienced in product implementation, process and schedule integration, and IT service management best practices. Working closely with our clients, our experts ensure client success during planning, deployment and acceleration services. We strive to provide knowledge transfer while meeting defined product implementation objectives and timetables.

Our professional services can be delivered remotely, for added flexibility, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, or can be conducted at the client’s site(s).


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Practice Area

Infrastructure & Service Management

We offer services tailored to suit your business: regardless of size, industry and location. Our vetted consultants deliver professional pre implementation scoping, health-check assessments, implementation services, and training enabling our clients to realize and maximize the value of their investments. learn more…

Blue Roof Data Management

The success of every mission is dependent on its data. Data supports every process of a mission from EDI processes that interface with FEMA, satellite imagery, database management, supply chain management, inventory management, invoicing, and HR management. Our solution helps you to stay on top of your data and not be crushed by the volume of it. learn more…

Procurement Services

We have partnered with some of the best vendors to provide our clients competitive pricing on to laptops, workstations, servers, peripherals, software, and electronics. Shop with us for deep discounted pricing and same days shipping.learn more…

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