Procurement Services

Procurement Services

We have partnered with some of the best vendors to provide our clients competitive pricing on to laptops, workstations, servers, peripherals, software, and electronics. Shop with us for deep discounted pricing and same days shipping.


Featured Partner


FHTECH offers competitive pricing on hardware purchases, while also providing our clients guidance as to what hardware choice makes the most sense for their environment. FHTECH can provide hardware from a wide array of manufacturers, meaning that recommendations are made exclusively on the basis of what is best for the client’s environment, and not because of a manufacturer bias.

Software Licensing

Software Sales/Licensing: FHTECH has been guiding clients for years in software purchases and licensing. The rules of licensing change virtually every week for every manufacturer, it is critical to deal with an organization that can provide expert guidance in getting new licenses or upgrades. Our product managers stay in constant contact with our partner manufacturers to ensure that they can provide the knowledge required to facilitate a client’s purchase and remove any uncertainty.

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